Day 3: Taking the fall for a gunshot

Pistorius Gun Went Off In Restaurant In 2013: Friend Took Fall

It will be a short news day today. Much of the news focus is on the upcoming Indoor World Champs, which begin tomorrow. But, as I’ve said, the Oscar Pistorius trial continues. Yesterday, his credibility took a major plunge during the testimony of professional boxer Kevin Lerena. Lerena testified that while a group of friends were out at a restaurant, Darren Fresco “passed his pistol under the table to Pistorius,” and indicated that one round was in the chamber. Shortly thereafter, a shot went off while the gun was still in the possession of Pistorius. Pistorius begged Fresco to “take responsibility,” which he did. Lerena’s testimony went to a related to a lesser included charge of “discharging a weapon in a public place,” as well as fueling the contention that Pistorius is “a gun obsessed hot head.”

Increase in Security for Pan Am Games: There’s a Limit

The Canadian government is visibly upset over the astronomical costs of security for the Toronto 2015 Pan American Games. The original anticipated cost was approximately $113 million – severely underbudgeted, considering that the newest estimate for security is $239 million. Ontario Government minister Michael Chan’s inability to secure a contract with a security firm, coupled with the unknown amount of security to hire has resulted in rumors about his impending resignation. Madeleine Meilleur, Minister of Community Safety and Correctional Services, among other officials, argued that “security is evolving,” and that they must account for any possible threats that may cause the cost of security to rise.

Critics strongly oppose Chan’s reasoning by saying that the security budget is not a “blank cheque.” Chan’s plan does not appear to have any logic or rationality to it other than the claim that security costs rise. Chan hasn’t even secured a contract yet, and there’s no evidence that a contract is likely in the near future. This complete failure only adds to the forgetfulness of the recently hosted Olympic Games in 2010, when the Ontario Government neglected to include “the Athletes’ Village in its original $1.4 billion (£838 million/€1 billion) budget for the Games.” How you forget a substantial sum like that is stunning. What is further beyond me is how Chan remained in power after that huge debacle. His mistake now has certainly cost him his position, as he is under heavy fire from critics all around. It is astounding that such a lackadaisical and poorly planned approach to a security budget for a major athletic competition could endure this long without intervention. The small glimmer of hope is that the critics’ harsh tone may lead to a better outcome by putting someone else in the position to make better changes.

Here’s an article where the author debunks nutrition myths by introducing the proper method to retrieve necessary fuel. I won’t spoil all of the myths, but I do want to include a few myths into the mix to attract interest. Myth: eating slabs of roast beef (in one sitting) helps build bigger muscles. Wrong it doesn’t help. Eating them within 4 hours of one another is better. The body can only absorb about 20-25 grams of protein in a sitting, so eating more than that at one time won’t do anything. Myth: drinking coffee before running in the heat does dehydrates you. Wrong: in fact, it can enhance performance. Finally, and probably the most interesting one for even non-runners, myth: diets work. Wrong: diets don’t work. The author suggests eating more fruits, veggies and nuts and less of processed foods, and to sleep more. Making a few changes to one’s eating patterns has a greater positive effect.

Finally, if you’re interested in the World Indoor Championships in Sopot, Poland, you can check out the entry list here.


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