Lingering DQ questions, sex scandal and Russian arm wrestler failures

Bumbalough and the Missing Evidence

This morning we start with some continuing news (or lack thereof) about 3,000 meter competitor Andrew Bumbalough and the controversy over his puzzling disqualification at the recent 2014 U.S. Indoor Championships. Quick recap: Bumbalough was disqualified for his alleged illegal “physical contact” with Galen Rupp during the race. Current video evidence suggests that the officials confused Bumbalough with Ryan Hill, and that Bumbalough never had any contact with Rupp. Bumbalough’s agent, Tom Ratcliffe, submitted a formal request with USATF, demanding further evidence of Bumbalough’s alleged contact.  Norman Wain, USATF’s general counsel and chief of business, assured Ratcliffe that he’d “be in touch” soon thereafter. To date, USATF and Wain remain unresponsive.

Bumbalough is not the only individual waiting on a response from track and field’s national governing body. The Track and Field Athletes Association (TFAA), an organization that represents the interests of professional track and field athletes, has yet to meet with USATF to discuss a more honest process in dealing with disqualifications.

Why Being a High School Coach And Having Sex With One Of Your Athletes Is A Poor Decision

In Phoenix, Arizona, track and field coach Bo Reed was arrested this past Saturday for sexual misconduct with a minor. In court, Reed discovered that he was facing “eight counts of sexual conduct with a minor.” Friends of the victim had suspicions about the change in her demeanor. They described the 17-year old athlete as being  “withdrawn,” and that she spent much of her time with Reed – more than usual. Her friends realized the extent of the relationship between the two when they saw “inappropriate messages between the two on her Facebook account.” The girls called the police immediately, and Reed found himself in cuffs on the same day.

Reed and the victim both admitted that they had engaged in sexual conduct over the past two months, according to court reports. At the hearing, the judge set bail at $54,000. Reed pleaded with the judge to reduce the bail, claiming he could not afford to pay the bond. He maintained that he needed to post bond so he could work to support his family financially. The judge remained fixed to the bond, and Reed remains in jail. The school suspended Reed without pay, and the school is currently investigating to determine if Reed is responsible for other inappropriate misconduct.

Six Russian Arm Wrestlers Fail Drug Tests

The news in this article is twofold. First, there is the enlightenment that national and world arm wrestling championships occur, and that they have extensive rules and regulations as well as national governing bodies. Second, six of Russia’s competitors at the national championships failed doping tests, subjecting all of them to provisional bans until a final ruling occurs. The violators include three silver and one bronze medalist from the national competition held in Moscow earlier this month. According to the article, arm wrestling continues to gain international attention within the last few years, with Russia having some of the top arm wrestlers in the world.

In litigation news, Indiana Attorney General Greg Zoeller “has filed a lawsuit against Rapid Running Event Management, LLC., and its owner Dave Mason for registering participants for at least five events, canceling those events, and not returning more than $95,400.” Rapid Running Event Management, LLC breached its contract with runners in its failure to reschedule races that were cancelled, or to refund its athletes in the event the managers failed to reschedule the races. In one example, Rapid Running tried to obtain a permit from the Village of Orchard Park to host a road race, but the park denied the permit “for various reasons.” Rapid Running emailed all 940 participants that the event would be cancelled nine days before the event began, and it offered no refund for the $64,055 (total sum) paid by the entrants. Over 1,400 registrants from various races sponsored by Rapid Management were cancelled with no refund, despite promises to do so.

Finally, Denmark is hosting the 7th annual European Athletics CEO Conference  in Copenhagen to encourage the exchange of information, ideas and strategies in “high-performance and participation” within the sport of track and field. The two keynote speakers of the event include “Marc Jörg, former Head of Sports Rights at the European Broadcasting Union and Patrick Magyar, CEO of the Zurich 2014 European Athletics Championships.”


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